Law School Deans Start A Blog

Karen Sloan at the National Law Journal is highlighting a new public blog written by law school deans.  The idea is to regularly offer a dean’s perspective about the current state of law schools into the public discourse.  I think it’s about time.  As the article notes, law school deans have occasionally published pieces on blogs and major news outlets, often to sharp criticism.  Many deans may have been surprised by the reaction to their pieces.  This outlet, on the other hand, gives them a chance to respond to critics and continue the conversation about law school trends.

It’s one thing to express views to ABA regulators in private.  It’s certainly another to take a public stand on the nature of the curriculum, law school debt, and the job market. Frank Wu is quoted as supporting the idea:  “We’re playing defense, and I don’t want to keep playing defense. My message to my decanal colleagues is, ‘You’ve got to do this.'” I agree, provided that the contributors are candid enough.  Posts that say things aren’t that bad should be backed by realistic arguments and evidence to that effect.  And when things are bad, well, there should be responses that address the problems.

The article is unclear as to whether the blog has begun publishing.  The blog, however, is located here.  Posts started to appear on October 4th.  Let the discussion begin


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