Friday Fun: The Song of the Reference Librarian

It’s an old story on, covering jobs that are evolving or going extinct.  Librarian was the first in the slide show and the verdict was “evolving.”  The short version of the rationale included this statement:  “The new librarian is a digital archivist, savvy with searches, keywords and helpful websites.”  We’ll sure.  Those of us in law libraries understand the subject specialties and literature in detail when working with lawyers, faculty, students, and public patrons know that it is a bit more than that.  Nonetheless, in the spirit of Friday Fun, I offer my own short version of the Song of the Reference Librarian:

I can’t believe they pay me to Polly-waddle Google all day.

I sit on my butt in front of a screen and Polly-wolly Google all day.

Fair thee well, fair thee well, I’m Polly-wolly Googling all day.

I move a mouse and point and click, Polly-wolly Googling all day.

I’ve seen that Shirley Temple movie collection ad one time too many, and that’s what it turned into for me after probably the 100th time on screen.  Oh, and I had to Google the original lyrics so I could spell “wolly” correctly.  Librarians will still be around mining the Internet, if for no other reason than to show patrons that there is more to useful information than Wikipedia.    


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