Friday Fun: It’s time to get your AALL vote on (again)

It’s that time of the year for not being able to vote for “none of the above” in AALL’s E-board elections. But there may be a candidate or two to vote for after viewing their biographies and campaign statements, assuming you haven’t already turned in your AALL membership “card.”

The polls open today; “may I have the envelope please.”

Vice President/President-Elect:

  • Carol Bredemeyer, Assistant Director for Faculty Services, Salmon P. Chase College of Law Library, Northern Kentucky University
  • Keith Ann Stiverson, Director of the Law Library and Senior Lecturer, IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law


  • Katherine K. Coolidge, Law Librarian, Bulkley, Richardson and Gelinas, LLP
  • Sarah K.C. Mauldin, Director of Library Services, Smith, Gambrell & Russell, LLP

Executive Board Member (vote for two):

  • John W. Adkins, Director of Libraries, San Diego Law Library
  • Miriam D. Childs, Associate Director/Head of Technical Services, Law Library of Louisiana
  • Tina Dumas, Reference Librarian, Nixon Peabody LLP
  • Donna Nixon, Electronic Resources Librarian & Clinical Assistant Professor of Law, Kathrine R. Everett Law Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


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