Straight talk in CRIV’s coverage of vendor-themed sessions

The November issue of The CRIV Sheet provides summaries of vendor-themed sessions conducted during last summer’s AALL annual meeting, including for example:

  • “CRIV Vendor Roundtable” authored by Michelle Cosby, North Cosby Carolina Central University School of Law Library, at 3;
  • “Making Sense of the Numbers: Understanding Vendor Statistics” authored by Sara Paul Raffel, Paul Hastings LLP, at 4; and
  • “Off the Page and Beyond the Book: New Models for Buying and Selling Legal Information” authored by Todd Melnick, Fordham University Law Library, at 8.

If you didn’t attend the Seattle 2013 Rethinking AALL’s Value annual meeting, all of the session summaries in this month’s CRIV Sheet are highly recommended. They are not filled with the sort of happy talk we’ve come to expect for AALL HQ. CRIV, like us invoice-paying working stiffs, knows our vendors are not our partners.

Also recommended for working law librarians, is the call for contributions to The CRIV Sheet:

[A] solicitation for contributions to The CRIV Sheet: our content is so relevant because working librarians have volunteered to take the time to write about the vendor-relations issues they confront every day. As you work with vendors to build your collections, look for ways to cut costs, and deal with publishing practices that affect your work, please consider writing about those issues, and others, for The CRIV Sheet. — David Hollander, Editor, The CRIV Sheet.

— Joe

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