Measuring search quality

Angel Sancho Ferrer, Research & Development Director in Content & Online Services (COLS),  Wolters Kluwer, South Europe, asks “how to measure search quality?” in a recent Intelligent Solutions Blog post. From a vendor’s perspective, he writes in his lead-up to answering the question:

To measure search quality helps us to improve our market position as it let us know (a) what are we able to do or not, (b) what are our competitors able to do or not, and (c) how should we act accordingly. By identifying pain points and proof points we can compare better our quality and communicate it better.

Ferrer discusses the issue in qualitative, one may say subjective, terms (see below) without going into metrics. That being said, How to Measure Search Quality? is still recommended reading. The post can, for example, be used as an introduction to teaching legal research in both print and electronic formats.

Do note that “searching for a particular document” probably refers to a look-up search for a known document, not TR Legal’s early marketing nonsense about how WLN’s West Search was great for finding that mythical one document which addresses all issues (and hopefully in the client of the researcher’s favor). — Joe


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