A Smidge More on Network Neutrality

ALA, ARL and EDUCAUSE are calling on the FCC to take action on net neutrality.  They assert:

  • Libraries, colleges and universities depend on the intellectual freedom afforded by the Open Internet to develop content and applications that serve the public interest;
  • Libraries and higher education institutions are prolific providers of content, services and applications on the Open Internet;
  • Research libraries and institutions rely on the Open Internet as end-users to collaborate with and obtain content and services from outside sources; and
  • The ability to access library, college and university services should not depend on location.

I can understand the concerns.  While much of the public discussion focuses on how consumers are affected, libraries certainly have a stake in whether their e-content is blocked or slowed down somewhere along the network.  It may seem an unlikely outcome, though in the world of commerce anything is possible.  The full statement is here. –Mark

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