Get Ready For Google Classroom

CNET is telling us that Google is now offering something called Google Classroom.  It combines Google Docs, Drive, and Gmail for use as an electronic hub between an instructor and students.  Another story from Inside Higher Ed notes that it’s no competition for the major classroom management systems used in universities as there are no grade management capabilities.  Still, with anything Google does there is the initial product offering and then there are the improvements over time.

The case law on Google Scholar is a perfect example of this.  The search algorithms improved tremendously over time.  Concept searches now bring relevant results.  The so-called citator Google provides may not compare with Shepards and KeyCite.  However, it pulls quotes and links from the database showing how a cited case is used in context.  Pro se litigants may find this feature useful.  Ask me about Google Classroom in three years when we see how disruptive it is. –Mark

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