Exam Stress And How to Cope In A Picture

It’s that time of year in academics where law students start to sweat it for their spring exams.  I remember how I would do almost anything to avoid studying.  I guess I had the cleanest apartments ever during exams.  Cleaning was my “go to” way to procrastinate.

There is an infographic at the Stop Procrastinating web site included with the post Exam Stress:  Students Reveal Their Top Tips For How To Cope With Exam Anxiety that shows the results of a survey of 2000 college students on anxiety and coping mechanisms.  45% of students used social media and Internet browsing as a way to avoid studying for example.  Room tidying was the lowest at 7%.  To each their own.  Some of the coping mechanisms include exercise, listening to uplifting music, blocking the  Internet (horrors!), and others.

I would never suggest that college exams are similar to law exams, though my experience and observation show that law students get just as wired when exams are about to hit.  The graphic may be useful for ideas on how to get through exam preparation.

As a side note, I will be back on the Blog on Monday after I return from the MichAll meeting.



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