Friday Fun: The Amazing World of Gumball

Gumball is a cartoon cat and the title character of the Amazing World of Gumball on Cartoon Network.  His “brother” is Darwin who was once a pet fish but managed to leave the bowl and grew legs.  His sister Anais is a rabbit, like her father Richard.  Nicole, Gumball’s mother, is also a cat.  Got that?  Good, as that is the beginning of a set of characters that consist of animated entities, puppets, and CGI/3D characters all mixed into 11 minute cartoons for kids and adults.  I watch it on a regular basis.  Mainstream actors such as Brian Blessed (playing Santa Clause)  and Sir Derek Jacobi (narrating an episode) have provided voices to the show.

The clip I’m posting here is particularly funny to me as I have a friend with whom I have an ongoing conversation about the differences, say, between Norwegian Death Metal and Doom Metal, among other sub-genres of the music.  Rocky, who is the bus driver and school janitor, here explains the differences in metal  to Gumball and a few of his friends.  It’s oddly accurate.  Enjoy.


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