Friday Fun: The Beach Boys – “I’m A Genius Too”

This may be Friday Fun, if you can call it that, for us, but not so much for Brian Wilson.  A colleague asked me about some of the stuff she saw in the Brian Wilson movie, Love & Mercy.  During the course of the discussion I mentioned that she should listen to the Help Me Rhonda sessions, or more specifically, the approximately 40 minutes where Beach Boy dad and then-producer Murry Wilson spent psychologically torturing Brian during the recording session.  It’s available at the WMFU blog in two versions.  There are excerpts and then there is the full tape.  Go with the link to the full tape to appreciate the anguish Brian was feeling as the interplay moved over time.  There is nothing like it.  While your at the WFMU page, check out the four Peter Bagge cartoons, The Murry Wilson Show.  It’s a hilarious parody of the recording session.  There are links in the fourth paragraph of the text.

I’ve been involved in music for years, both from a performance and production standpoint.  As a collector, I probably have a good chunk of the unreleased history of rock music sitting in my basement.  I’ve also produced various bands and artists in the Chicago area for around the last 20 years in my own studio.  I’ll also offer an example of my production work with this song from Fank, a band I both performed with and recorded.  The song is called Need To Belong.  The track was recorded in 2005 from the last time the band ever played.  My colleague from the DePaul Law Library, Dan Ursini, is on bass.  Good times.



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