What The [Bad Word] Is This Supposed Be?

I was helping a cite checker with Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes when I came across this free site called WestlawNext State Government Sites.  I’m not sure what TR is trying to do with this as FindLaw still exists.  The collection features a small but haphazard collection of primary and quasi-primary materials from what I would describe as all over the place.  The limited number of states represented are far from comprehensive.  The materials presented are just as puzzling.  Each collection has different ways to conduct searches.  Take a look.  Anybody with reactions please let me know.



  1. I see that the Cal. Code of Regs. is the only California source listed. West is the official publisher of the Cal. Code of Regs., and has made it freely available via a Westlaw-like interface. My guess — and it’s just a guess, based on a sample size of one! — is that the other sites on the list are also sources for which West is the official publisher. If the other states, like California, mandate that West make the source freely available, West may have chosen to do so via Westlaw in these instances too.

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