InfiLaw System’s Arizona Summit Law School placed on probation by ABA

Arizona Summit School of Law, which is part of the for-profit InfiLaw System, received notification on March 27, 2017 that it has been put on probation by the ABA Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar in part for low bar passage rates. It follows a November 2016 ABA decision that put Charlotte School of Law, another InfiLaw school, on probation. Check out the ABA’s decision and list of required remedial actions for Arizona Summit here.

InfiLaw operates three standalone for-profit law schools. All of them are trying to affiliate with a university to enhance their long-term viability: Arizona Summit Law School has announced it will sign an affiliation agreement with Bethune-Cookman University; Florida Coastal is in the discussion stage with a university and Charlotte School of Law is looking for a university. For more, see the ABAJ article, Can for-profit InfiLaw schools be had on the cheap, and would they be worth it?  — Joe


  1. Is there an advantage to partnering with an HBCU?

    I seems odd that Bethune-Cookman in Daytona Beach FL would partner with a struggling law school in Phoenix, AZ.

    What am I missing?

  2. I immediately, like brianlbaker, thought about the Bethune-Cookman association with Arizona Summit. When I first heard about this association, I wondered how in good conscious BC would guide their students into a situation that seems to be one from which the students will be loaded with debt, dicey job prospects and bar passage possibilities. Maybe, this will cause them to reassess.

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