How technology could challenge our concept of law

Here’s the abstract for Warming Up to Inscrutability: How Technology Could Challenge Our Concept of Law by Brian Sheppard:

In the article, I describe the trajectory of legal technology and discuss how developments in that area might change the way that we think about the essential features of legality. In particular, I focus on the strengths and weaknesses of machine learning in the context of legislation and adjudication. I argue that the content of those essential features could depend upon our willingness to make tradeoffs between intelligibility and results. These tradeoffs might lead us to reject a concept that requires critical officials (Hart), reason-based tests of legitimacy (Raz), or deep justifications for coercion (Dworkin). I conclude that our concept of law will likely be shaped by our willingness to accept a growing disconnect between the way that we decide and the way that the system does. This is a pre-edit draft of an article.

Interesting. — Joe

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