June LSAT takers increase almost 20% over last year

When I was a working stiff at the DePaul College of Law, our Dean, Jennifer Rosato Perea, would hold regular staff meetings where she and other members of the administration would report on recruiting efforts.  These included targets, where we were compared to those targets, and what efforts we were taking in spite of the law school admissions “crisis” that all law schools faced.  I enjoyed those meetings because they gave all staff in the Law School a sense of community in a shared mission.  It’s not something I experienced in the other five law schools in my employment history.  Thanks Dean Jenn.

DePaul, as any other law school, lives and dies by bringing in not just a class that meets admission targets, but one that brings in a quality class as well.  Dean Jenn and other Deans should be heartened by the latest LSAC statistics that show an approximately 20% jump in test-takers for the previous June LSAT.  That’s an out-of-line statistic compared with the trends set by the last cycle of tests.

Yes, test-takers have increased gradually.  The figures for the last year include a 7.6% increase last December, and a 5.4% increase in February of this year.  However, a 19.8% increase in last June’s figures would not have been predictable compared to what came before.

Karen Sloan speculates in the Daily Business Review (subscription) that the increase may come from a “Trump-bump” due to the “turmoil in Washington.”  It may be possible but I’m not so sure.  Going to law school is still an expensive proposition.  I’s have to look at job prospects if I were applying at this point.  My biggest concern would still be if I could pay off the loans associated with a law career.

Sloan does caution that the number of test takers does not mean a significant increase in applications.  We’ll see.  I’ll be watching the trend and reporting on it from time to time.


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