New bill, if passed, would offer Congressional internships to recent law school grads

Drafted by four senators along with Larry Kramer, former Dean of Stanford Law School; Robin West, law professor at Georgetown University Law Center; Bill Treanor, Dean of Georgetown University Law Center; Abbe Gluck, law professor at Yale Law School; and Dakota Rudesill, law professor at Ohio State, S. 1604, A bill to establish the Daniel Webster Congressional Clerkship Program, was introduced in the US Senate on July 20, 2017. It is intended to attract law school grads to learn more about the legislative process. From the bill’s statement of Congressional findings:

(1) Each year, many of the most talented law school graduates in the United States begin their legal careers as judicial law clerks.

(2) The judicial clerkship program has given the judiciary access to a pool of exceptional young lawyers at a relatively low cost.

(3) These same lawyers then go on to become leaders of their profession, where they serve a critical role in helping to educate the public about the judiciary and the judicial process.

(4) The White House, the administrative agencies of the executive branch, the Administrative Office of the United States Courts, the Federal Judicial Center, and the United States Sentencing Commission all operate analogous programs for talented young professionals at the outset of their careers.

(5) Congress is without a similar program.

(6) At a time when our Nation faces considerable challenges, Congress and the public would benefit immeasurably from a program, modeled after the judicial clerkship program, that engages the brightest young lawyers in the Nation in the legislative process.

Hope the bill passes. — Joe

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