CRS report: Overview of “Travel Ban” Litigation and Recent Developments

From Overview of “Travel Ban” Litigation and Recent Developments (Oct. 23, 2017 LSB10017):

This Sidebar provides an overview of the series of three executive actions (the first two taking the form of executive orders, and the third issued as a presidential proclamation) commonly referred to as the “Travel Ban,” which restrict the entry of specified categories of non-U.S. nationals (aliens) into the United States, and the litigation related to those executive actions.

To date, none of the three iterations of the Travel Ban has fully gone into effect as a result of court orders limiting their implementation. The most recent version of the Travel Ban did not alter an earlier version’s 120-day pause on refugee admissions into the United States (currently set to expire on October 24). However, the newest iteration modified the scope and duration of travel restrictions on foreign nationals from five countries covered by earlier versions of the Travel Ban (Iran, Libya, Somalia, Syria, and Yemen) and imposed new travel restrictions on certain aliens from three additional countries (Chad, North Korea, and Venezuela).

For background see Overview of the Federal Government’s Power to Exclude Aliens (Sept. 27, 2017 R44969). — Joe

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