Why haven’t publishers apologized for their books that glorify slavery and Jim Crow

Remnants of the Confederacy and the years of segregation that followed can be found on the bookshelves of libraries around the United States. In their Fortune Feb. 2, 2018 op-ed piece, Why Haven’t Publishers Apologized for Their Books That Glorify Slavery?, Alfred Brophy and Autumn Barrett identify books published in the twentieth century by publishers still in existence that supported Jim Crow. They write

These books set in motion ideas that constrained our nation’s vision of race and law and continue to cast a long shadow over our nation’s narratives of race and equality. Those who were educated on such ideas held power for decades, institutionalizing their visions and methods, and training generations of scholars. The presses that are responsible for putting these ideas into the stream of public consciousness owe an acknowledgment of their complicity. Moreover, an excavation of these books, and their contemporary uses, can shed light on the legacies of Confederate ideologies of the past, and we may recognize the echoes of their words in the present.

Recommended. — Joe

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