New tool to track Immigration Court outcomes by county of immigrant’s residence

From Tracking Immigration Court Outcomes by County of Immigrant’s Residence: “The Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse (TRAC) at Syracuse University has just added new features that permit the public to examine the immigrant’s residence in all deportation cases before the Immigration Court. The new features track the state and county of residence during the period FY 2001 through February of 2018.

“The newly expanded detail tool covers all Immigration Court deportation cases, both past and present. This joins TRAC’s earlier released mapping tool which focuses just on currently pending court cases. The new tool is particularly powerful because users can drill in to see for any particular county or state the immigrants’ custody status as well as the eventual outcomes for their Immigration Court proceeding. Details on whether the immigrants were represented or not are also available.”

H/T Gary Price’s InfoDocket post. — Joe

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