Jean O’Grady goes old school

And by that I mean, Jean is launching what sounds like an annual “best of” selection of Dewey B Strategic blog posts in a print-based “blog-o-zine.” The 2017 compilation is expected to be published on or about April 30th. Jean writes

Why should someone pay for it? The 2017 Dewey B Strategic Blog-o-zine is intended to be an easy access, reference handbook on the major legal research/technology trends, product releases and enhancements of 2017. The book includes 34 product reviews for cutting edge legal products incorporating AI, analytics, workflow tools and plain old expert analysis. What have the big players Thomson Reuters, LexisNexis, Bloomberg Law and Wolters Kluwer been up to? Did you catch the release of new features on Fastcase, CARA, Ravel, Lex Machina? Have you heard about the innovative new tools from Judicata, Gavelitcs and Voxgov? The blog-o-zine can be seen as a good investment in a tool that will make it easier for you to focus your time and your budgets on best products for your firm’s research

The book will retail for $99 but will be available at the pre-publication price of $79.00 (plus shipping) through April 30th. If interested follow this link to Jean’s blog post which includes a PayPal link for purchasing this compilation.

Interesting. — Joe

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