Explaining the unexplained recusals at the Supreme Court

At Fix the Court, Gabe Roth introduces the group’s third annual report on the justices’ recusals, which “once again lays out the reasoning behind the justices’ self-disqualifications.” — Joe

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  1. In N’Jai v. United States Environmental Protection Agency, et al, WDC 13-cv-01212, the judge was asked to recuse and retaliated against the plaintiff for requesting it. This judge Nora Barry Fischer was asked to recuse by the same Plaintiff in 4 other cases, and had a mandamus, reversal, etc. The judge is on record undermining prima facie cases. The Judge also stated, “This is a Conservative court. We do not believe in giving away money. We only pull jurors from rural and suburban areas” meaning all white areas. She refused to recuse over and over.

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