Impeaching Trump: Take Care blog’s bibliography of arguments and analyses

Take Care blog has compiled a bibliography of articles addressing impeachment in the Age of Trump. These articles date from before Trump’s inauguration through the present, and address a wide array of topics, list below. The compilers state that “The database is not comprehensive, but instead includes analyses that we’ve found especially helpful or notable. We will update this document on a semi-regular basis.”

Here are the major topics used to organize the bibliography:

Big-Picture Thinking: Articles and posts describing the American impeachment process with a wide lens, and considering whether all this hand-wringing over impeachment is really necessary.

Impeachment Talk: Articles and posts proposing or opposing Donald Trump’s possible impeachment, and those describing the reactions to and risks of calls for impeachment.

Reflections on Impeachment Talk: Articles and posts considering the source, impact, and potential purpose of all this impeachment mania.

Impeachment and the 2018 Midterm Elections: Articles and posts considering how impeachment talk might affect the 2018 election cycle — and how the 2018 election cycle may affect a potential impeachment effort.

Selected Arguments for Impeaching Trump: Articles and posts arguing for President Trump’s ouster.

Selected Arguments Against Impeaching Trump: Articles and posts arguing that President Trump should not be impeached.

The Likelihood of Impeachment: Articles and posts considering whether President Trump can or will be impeached.

Impeachable and Potentially Impeachable Offenses: Descriptions of and arguments about the impeachability of different kinds of conduct, and whether certain acts President Trump may have or has committed are impeachable or potentially impeachable.

The Pardon Power: Articles and posts analyzing the pardon power; whether President Trump may pardon himself; whether certain uses of the pardon pardon may be impeachable; and Trump’s pardon of former sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Violations of the Emoluments Clauses and Kleptocracy: Articles and posts considering Trump’s potentially impeachable conflicts of interest; potential foreign exploitation of those interests; and the use and abuse of the presidency for personal financial gain.

Unpresidential Behavior: Articles and posts considering President Trump’s norms-busting behavior and actions; their impact; and their impeachability.

Congress’s Proper Role in the Impeachment Process: Articles and posts considering the role of Congress as a check on the executive, and the use of Congressional power to respond to abuses of power or other potentially impeachable conduct by the president.

The Mueller Investigation: Articles and posts considering the investigation by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, including the scope of that investigation; the Special Counsel’s power over the president; the Special Counsel’s ability to report his findings; and how to protect the Special Counsel from an obstructive firing.

State Investigations: Articles and posts considering the power of state attorneys general as checks on the president.

The 25th Amendment: Articles and posts considering the history, purpose, and potential use of the 25th Amendment, as well as its relationship to impeachment.

Constitutional Crises and the State of American Democracy: Articles and posts considering American democracy today; the role of the Trump campaign and President Trump in reshaping American politics; and whether Americans, and the courts, should grant actions by President Trump and his administration a “presumption of regularity.”

Undoing or Redoing an American Election: Articles considering what to do if an American election is found to be fraudulent, or if both the president and vice president are impeached.

Historical Parallels: Articles considering and comparing Trump’s presidency to previous presidencies.

Recommended. — Joe

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