ALA Outraged by the Refugee Family Separation Policy

From ALA’s official June 19, 2018 statement:

The nation’s library community is appalled that innocent children would face such emotional trauma and would be locked in mass facilities and separated from their families,” [ALA President Jim] Neal said. There is no legitimate policy or moral basis for this unconscionable action.

The library community stands for diversity and inclusion, and for the legal rights of refugees entering on our borders. We serve immigrants in our communities across the US, and view libraries’ support to children as one of our most important values. We must support legislation and action that set aside this unacceptable practice.

ALA, through its Office for Diversity, Literacy and Outreach Services and Washington Office, and in partnership with REFORMA, is providing and sharing resources that support action against this zero-tolerance immigration policy.

H/T Gary Price’s InfoDocket post. — Joe

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