Watch Your LexisNexis Print Invoices

Complaints are circulating that LexisNexis is jacking up shipping charges again, at least for some titles. Check your invoices against last year’s payments by title. I recall the shipping charge for one standalone annual title was about $10 7-8 years ago, then mid-$20s and now over $40. Nothing about the physical book during this time span justifies an increased cost of almost 400%.

The company’s shipping charge increases have less to do with rising internal shipping costs and more to do with squeezing a little more profit from the print catalog. Perhaps AALL’s Price Index committee should monitor LexisNexis’ shipping price inflation.

The Price Index’s methodology does not incorporate shipping charges when shipping is itemized. For calculating price inflation by publisher, this methodological flaw places Thomson Reuters at a disadvantage because TR does not charge for shipping as a separate charge item. Remember shipping is “free” from Thomson Reuters. (wink, wink) — Joe


  1. Joe, I am so happy to read this blog. I have been fighting Lexis for several years now. Sometimes I refuse to pay the S&H and ask for a more reasonable S&H cost. I have sent them pictures of me holding the envelope that their product arrived in and asking …really? They have adjusted or waived fees , but it is a fight every single time. My most recent battle was over DUNN MN DIG TOC/IND/TOS which I was billed $2147.00 plus $147.24 for a very small package. When trying to compare what I paid last year with this year, I realized they mix up and combine products in a different way than last year. This is truly price gouging and should be examined by our Association. Thanks for letting me vent !!!

  2. Thanks so much for bringing this up! I have also fought the shipping charges, sometimes successfully, sometimes not. I was told they base shipping costs on the price of the item, NOT how much it actually costs to ship! When I inquire as to why they charge this way, I’m always told, “That’s just the way we’ve always done it.” That answer isn’t good enough for me, and I’m guess for most people. This practice is not ok!

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