Will LexBlog’s global legal news network disrupt the US legal news ecosystem?

On Sept. 10, LexBlog announced that it has launched a legal news blogs network headed by law blogging pioneer Bob Ambrogi in an attempt to build “the world’s largest and most comprehensive legal news and information network by drawing on the contributions of legal bloggers worldwide.” Some 19,000 legal bloggers already participate in the network. Recent additions to the network include LawSites, 3 Geeks and a Law Blog and Dewey B Strategic.

The new network features both curated and real-time posts from lawyers, law professors, law librarians, law students, legal-industry executives, legal marketers, legal consultants, legal technologists and others, providing news, insights and analysis on virtually every legal and practice topic according to LexBlog. Powering the network is LexBlog’s custom-built syndication engine that allows it to aggregate blog content from any source, regardless of whether the blog is hosted by LexBlog on its own blogging platform or externally on any other blogging platform.

In her Dewey B Strategic post, Move over ALM and Law360 – LexBlog is Launching a Legal News Network, Jean O’Grady notes that the LexBlog legal news network may offer digital legal news comsumers a competitive reprieve from LexisNexis’ near monopoly of the US legal news ecosystem (Law360, ALM, Wall Street Journal, MLex, Newsdesk). She writes

Both [Thomson Westlaw and BloombergBNA] do publish news. BloombergBNA has a serious newsletter business and TR has a variety 0f newsy publications and alerts – but neither has made a dent in the Lexis dominance of what I would call “water cooler” legal news.

LexBlog will also compete with Findlaw blogs and the Law Professor Blogs Network. This should be interesting. — Joe

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