Disclosure of ‘Watergate Road Map’ sought in court filing [text]

In this court filing Lawfare editor in chief Benjamin Wittes, Harvard Law School professor Jack Goldsmith and University of Nevada law professor Stephan Bates are urging a federal judge to unseal the Watergate “Road Map,” a secret report sent to Congress in 1974 containing evidence about President Richard Nixon’s misconduct. The petition comes as debate mounts about how and when special counsel Robert Mueller will end his investigation of Russian election meddling.

Bates and Goldsmith credit the report’s transmission to the House Judiciary Committee as a turning point in the Watergate investigation, saying it culminated with the committee adopting articles of impeachment against Nixon. The options available to Mueller are more analogous to those faced by Watergate special prosecutor Leon Jaworski. They say the 55-page document known as the Road Map could offer Mueller a path to follow as his investigation presses forward.

H/T Courthouse News. — Joe

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