PACER Fees Harm Judiciary’s Credibility and Pro See Litigants, Posner Says in Class Action Brief is reporting that seven retired federal judges, including former Seventh Circuit Judge Richard Posner, filed an amicus brief in a class action over PACER fees now on appeal. The brief argues that PACER fees harm the judiciary’s credibility and pro se litigants.

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  1. For nearly 2 or more years now PACER has blocked me from getting into my account claiming I need to pay 130.00 + dollars. For a while I did not even get a one time copy of the things being filed until I told a judge. I requested that PACER deduct the amount for the 1 time free copies I have a right to get as a party like the opposing parties got. Sometimes the documents would not even open and when you click on it one time, you lose your copy even if you did not get it. I find it dis-heartening that I have to upload documents and put onto a site so that I can have all the things I filed in one place. These charges are even for people who have forma pauperis status. I am glad someone is doing something about PACER.

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