Weekend Reading: Building the Data-Driven Law Firm

An excerpt from the executive summary of Building the Data-Driven Law Firm, ed. by Alex Davies (Ark Group, May 2019):

Despite the huge amount of data in the average law firm, data-driven decision-making is relatively new and uncharted. With the knowledge that some 90 percent of data in the world today was created in the last two years, this needs to change.

Building the data-driven law firm looks at how the use of data has become inextricably linked with the practice of law; how it can be utilized to the good and the safeguards that must be put in place to mitigate the bad; how Big Data will revolutionize the way lawyers work, and the cases they will work on; and how new uses for data (including blockchain and the Internet of Things) will influence the law firm of the future.

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: The data-driven mindset – the culture and habits of data-centric organizations

By David Curle, Director, Enterprise Content – Technology and Innovation, Thomson Reuters Legal Executive Institute

Chapter 2: The richness – and bias – of legal data

By Thomas Hamilton, VP of strategy and operations at ROSS Intelligence

Chapter 3: How to use data to make your business better

By Holly Urban, CEO and co-founder, EffortlessLegal LLC

Chapter 4: Using machine learning and AI to improve legal practice and drive value to stakeholders and clients

By Aaron Crews, chief data analytics officer, Littler

Chapter 5: Unlocking contractual data

By Edward Chan, partner, Linklaters LLP

Chapter 6: Mining litigation data

By Josh Becker, founder, Lex Machina

Chapter 7: How data is transforming the relationship between lawyer and client

By Jennifer Roberts, manager, strategic research, InTapp

Chapter 8: Blockchain and the data-driven law firm

By Robert Millard, founder and partner, Cambridge Strategy Group

Chapter 9: Legal aspects of data

By Joanne Frears, solicitor, Lionshead Law

Chapter 10: How data will enable the shift towards the productization of legal services

By Simon Drane, managing director of earlsferry advisory, former executive director of business development at the Law Society and LexisNexis

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