1. Joe, I’ve appreciated your blogging over the years. Your site along with Sabrina Pacifici’s beSpacific.com and LLRX.com was one of my “go to” resources for accurate information and government/legal resources. While I haven’t blogged myself in quite some time, I have been active on Facebook and Twitter and have reposted (usually with editing) your links to documents. I’ve done that quite a few times to my personal accounts and Utah Hive accounts. Thank you for the efforts you have put into this over the years.

    p.s. As a blogger, I realize that you’ve probably felt unappreciated. One reason may be because WordPress.com requires commenters to have a WordPress.com account and log-in to leave you replies. Often when I’ve felt inclined to comment I’ve encountered the log-in screen, and not knowing my password, I have simply not made the effort to look it up. I regret, now, that I haven’t previously left any feedback for you. Best wishes in all new endeavors you undertake!

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